Nov 22nd 2021

The Monday before Black Friday
we encourage Circular Alternatives*

Consume Circular!

So, you want to be more of a circular consumer? That's great!
But, what is this circular consumption that you talk about? Here are three examples:

- Rent & share: Rent a hammer drill when you want to put up a shelf in your apartment. Each of those already produced drills are used only 6 minutes on average.. in a lifetime.
- Repair & upcycle: When you got a flat tire on your bike, do you repair it or buy a completely new bike? That’s right, repair. Let’s do the same with electronics & clothes aswell!
- Reuse & recycle:
Have you heard of marketplaces like Ebay, where you can buy second hand? Or recycled a plastic bottle? That's reuse!

To put it simply - it's consumtion without any waste, which gives our beloved Mother Earth some slack.

Browse Buddies!


So, how does one join this movement? Businesses, NGO's, and individuals simply follow these three rules:

1. Share a picture with the hashtag #circularmonday on the Monday 22nd of November, the Monday before Black Friday.
Why? Together we create a buzz about circular consumption, and takes away focus from the linear consumption that other shopping day offers.

2. Don't participate in other shopping days, such as Black Friday, Singles Day or Cyber Monday.
Why? You can't both eat the cookie and have it.

3. Discounts & offers only allowed on circular services or products made out of more than 90% recycled material.
Why? Shopping is good, as long as it's circular! 

What about your buddies?
We make it easy for the average Joe/Jane to find circular businesses - to help them rent, repair & reuse more.
Therefore, we are building the worlds largest database of circular companies from all over the world. Read more and apply under About

More about circularity

Join the movement!

Help mother earth and spread the word about circular consumption! Feel free to use our Circular Monday content - and hey, remember to use the hashtag #circularmonday :)

But wait.. No cookies?

Nop, that's right! We have and will never gather any data from our beloved visitors.
We do the opposite - one in a million these day, right? :)

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