Active - 5 years. Circular businesses in database - 800. Countries active in - 30.

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The database & day for circular consumption.
Always the Monday for before Black Friday.
*Previously called White Monday

This year Circular Monday takes place on the 21th of November - join us in consuming circular!


So, to make it easy for the average Joe/Jane to consume circular, we're are building the worlds largest database of circular businesses. What's circular, you might think? In other words, consumption that doesn't create any waste.

- Rent & share: One can rent tools when it's needed, aswell as outdoor equipment for your next adventure.
- Repair & upcycle: Do you repair a flat tire, or purchase a completely new bike? That's what we thought - let’s do the same with electronics & clothes aswell!
- Reuse & recycle:
It's quite normal to buy apartments & houses second hand, right? Let's apply the same mindset on other goods aswell!

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What Monday?

Like, one more shopping day? Well, yes, but circular shopping actually decreases the amount of waste. The day occurs every year the Monday before Black Friday. 2022 it's Nov 2st.During the day, the majority of the businesses in our database do the following:

1. Discount circular services or products made out of more than 90% recycled material. Why? Shopping is fun, as long as it's circular! 
2. Don't participate in other shopping days.
Why? You can't both eat the cookie and have it.
3. Share a post on social media with the hashtag #circularmonday.
Why? Sharing is caring.

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But wait.. No cookies?

Nop, that's right! We never have, or will, gather data from our beloved visitors.
One in a million these day, right? :)