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Logotype & Font

Here's our logotype in a couple of different formats. We use the font "Playfair Display" for our logo and headers. It's a google font that's free to use.



Are you Anti-consumption?

Well, not really. You can think of it like this; On one side you have Black Friday, known for it’s linear consumption & shopping hysteria. On the other side we have “Buy nothing day”, that was born as a anti-dote to Black Friday. ‍ We believe the future is right in between these two poles, right on the border between Yin & Yang. Here you find circular consumption, which means that you can consume as much as you want, but it doesn’t require new resources from Mother Earth. With other words, circular consumption is dao, you follow?

What is Circular Monday?

Circular Monday is the day for circular consumption. It always occurs on the monday before Black Friday, which 2021 is November 22nd. During the day, all the buddies (organisations, influencers, businesses) shares pictures on social media with the hashtag #circularmonday. Some of the buddies give discounts on circular goods and services. For example, second hand shops give 20% on all their products, aswell as shoe repair services.

But I embrace circular consumption all the time?

That’s great - let’s do it together once a year as well! It will give you more circular buddies to collaborate with!

Where does this happen?

Both businesses, NGO's and individuals from all the continents do both digital and the physical activities. You’ll find stores furnished, employees dressed in white and social medias filled with content under the hashtag #circularmonday.

How do I participate?

Simply share a photo of yourself, or a group, and share on social media including the hashtag #circularmonday. Try to connect it to reuse, repair or rent, but feel free to be as creative as you want with the photo! Check out our instagram @circularmonday for inspiration.