Are you Anti consumption?

Just another anti-campaign? Well, not really. You can think of it like this; On one side you have Black Friday, known for it’s linear consumption & shopping hysteria. On the other side we have “Buy nothing day”, that was born as a anti-dote to Black Friday.
We believe the future is right in between these two poles, right on the border between Yin & Yang. Here you find circular consumption, which means that you can consume as much as you want, but it doesn’t require new resources from Mother Earth. With other words, circular consumption is dao, you follow?

Can you give some examples on circular consumption?

1. Rent: Before internet & music streaming was invented, CD’s were produced and shipped all over the world. Now, more people can listen and no production is needed. Same with housing rental.

2. Repair: When you got a flat tire on your bike, do you repair it or buy a completely new bike? That’s right, repair. Let’s do the same with electronics & clothes aswell - and demand repair services from the big players we buy products from.

3. Reuse: Have you heard of marketplaces like Ebay? Or Facebook Marketplace? Their marketplace enables products to be reused.

Bedtime story, pleease?

Circular Monday was founded in 2017 in Malmö, Sweden, by the circular cloth-repair start-up Repamera AB. They played “the opposite game” with Black Friday and saw the need for a day that promotes circular consumption. From 2017-2019 it was called White Monday, but changed “White” to “Circular” during 2020 to make the message of the movement more clear.

Resource efficiency is economic growth!

Look at it this way. A tree grows and grows until it reaches a certain height, just like most economies on this earth the last century. After the growth is complete, it becomes as resource efficient as it can be. Water and nutrition flows around to keep the tree alive. With this said, why would we grow more & produce new cotton, when we already have billions of tons in landfill?
Just in the same way, circular economy is the natural follow-up to a linear economy. First our economies grows, then we become efficient with the resources that’s already been produced. Just like a tree - see?

What about ads & profit?

Everyone who works with Circular Monday (PR, the website, graphics, initiating in new countries etc.) does it completely voluntarily. Also, our 300+ buddies do this toghether with us. Everyone shares the same message, the same day: The future is circular! Thanks everyone, you’re great!
Aand, just one last thing. We have never, and will never, accept money in exchange for exposure, ads, nor sell any data. We do the opposite. Maybe you’ve noticed, we don’t even track cookies. On in a million these day, right? ;)


What is Circular Monday?

Circular Monday is the day for circular economy that is the antidote to Black Friday. It always occurs on the monday before Black Friday, so this year Circular Monday happens on November 23rd.

Why is it called Circular Monday?

Circular Monday started as White Monday, a play of opposites with the mega-sales day “Black Friday”. Black Friday stands for linear, wear & tear consumption and competition. The opposite is circular consumption & collaboration. This year we've swapped white to circular to make it more clear what it's all about.

Why Circular Monday?

The world is already full of wardrobes stuffed to the brim, unused tools and huge piles of trash. We have produced enough, and Mother Earth is tired. It’s time for us to take responsibility, and turn the waste into resources. Internet makes it easy for us to rent & buy second hand items, and gives us the knowledge of how to reuse & repair. We believe that the future is a circular & sharing economy instead of the old, boring and linear wear & tear economy and Black Friday. And we believe that we’re the ones that will make the difference, by creating White Monday together. Join the circular movement, together with 200+ organisations, influencers & companies worldwide.

What happens on November 23th?

• During the day, all the buddies (organisations, influencers, companies) share a picture on social media with the hashtag #circularmonday. • Some of the buddies give discounts on circular goods and services (you will find them on this website.)

What is circular economy?

DEFINITION "A circular economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems." (source: Ellen McArthur Foundation) To make it simple, circular economy is about sharing, renting, mending, borrowing, upcycling, redesigning and recycling. It is the new way of doing things, instead of the good old "wear and tear".

What’s in it for you/your company?

Show your customers, followers, colleagues and yourself that you want the future to be circular, instead of linear. Take a stand against unnecessary consumption of new things, and re-love what’s already produced. And hey, why not give your customers a circular discount during Circular Monday? Most of our buddies had all-time high in sales during last years Circular Monday.

Circular Weekend/Week?

We believe that great impact is created if there’s only one day to focus on. Although some of our buddies choose to have ”Circular Weeks” on their own initiative, which is completely fine. The more circular businesses and campaigns, the better!

But We/I embrace circular consumption all the time?

That’s great. Let’s do it together as well. Then you’ll have more circular buddies to collaborate with! We all share the same goal.

How and where?

We have buddies every continent who will participate with activities both in the digital and the physical world. You’ll see stores furnished and employees dressed in white, and social media will be filled with content under the hashtag #circularmonday. Join the circular movement!

How do I participate?

On Circular Monday, November 23rd, share a photo of yourself (or a group if you are more than one person) holding up a sign that reads #circularmonday and share on social media including the hashtag #circularmonday. Please feel free to be as creative as you want with the photo! Check out our instagram @circularmonday for inspiration.