Content for you!

Free graphics to use in any way you want (as long as you hashtag #circularmonday and don't use them to circwash). Redesign if you want. Post them in your feeds, expose them on your website and use them for keynotes to show the benefits of circular consumption. Conclusion; Share, print & spread!

Need some adjustments to make the content fit you and your company even better? Send a request to our designer Per at

Social Squares

1080x1080 .png images for that crisp perfect fit in your instagram feed!


Here's our logotype in a couple of different formats.

Circular information PDF

An A4 PDF with facts and inspiration about the benefits of going circular instead of linear.

The font

We use the font "Playfair Display" for our logo and headers. It's a google font that's free to use.

Download Playfair Display